Brad Campeau-Laurion talks to us in the heat of Seville

Brad Campeau-Laurion listens patiently to a long and meandering question in the heat of Seville at WCEU 2015

Bronson and I caught up with Alley Interactive‘s Brad Campeau-Laurion in the insane, intense sweltering heat of the shade of Seville. Brad and I had already talked online about IPR and contracts for WordPress development (it’s an ongoing trope in my work as Commercial Director – the compatability of the GPL and commercial business is, well, challenging – lot’s of people do it, so it’s clearly not impossible, but, well another blog post for that one). Anyway we talked to Brad for as long as we could before we caught fire, so this is a pretty short podcast, but it’s great, because Brad’s great, so take a listen.


Did I mention that it was REALLY hot?


Written by meeware